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Mr. Tubby Refinishing is Chicago’s local refinishing company that works for commercial and residential properties of Chicago.

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When you have an old and ugly looking bathroom or kitchen, you want a Professional company to help you refinish surfaces for it to look brand new and clean. We have all the necessary equipment and machinery to carry out this process without any issue. We are licensed and certified to do this. Our company believes in 100% customer satisfaction, so you can expect only the best service from us. Our employees are hard-working people who will make sure that your bathrooms and kitchens look newly installed or recently renovated with shiny surfaces and perfect finish for countertops, sinks, tile floors, and walls. We offer a wide variety of services: bathroom refinishing, tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, and sink refinishing and an affordable price without compromising on the quality. We put years of experience at your disposal in bathtub finishing in Miami, tile finishing in Chicago, countertop finishing in Chicago.

Bathtub Refinishing

We refinish bathtubs of your Chicago home, so it looks new and clean. Bathtubs tend to turn yellow and get damage from water, turn slippery and loose their usual luster with time. Our team will bring in all the necessary equipment to carry out the refinishing process without an issue. We have refinished thousands of bathtubs to know how to do it right, so it stays shiny, white, and clean a long time. When you need quality bathtub refinishing for your Chicago house, give us a call.

Countertop Refinishing

When you have old countertops that have lost their shine, they bring down the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom. No matter the type of countertop you have, if they don’t have a beautiful finish, a clean and shiny surface, they will not do anything for the overall aesthetic appeal. Refinishing your countertops will bring a new look and new shine to the countertop. If you want to save money from not removing your countertops when they become old, refinishing can definitely be a good alternative.

Shower Refinishing

We also refinish showers for your Chicago home. Showers tend to become old and dirty quicker than other parts of the bathroom due to being subjected to moisture more. Our team refinishes, tile walls, bathtubs, tile or marble floors, etc. When your shower needs a little help to look new and more organized, we can help. We have refinished showers for thousands of customers and we make sure they have a beautiful look shower increase the property value of your house.

Sink Refinishing

We refinish old sinks for your bathrooms and kitchen. Sinks are just as important for aesthetic value as they are important for functional value. When you have clean and shiny sinks, they will make your bathroom or kitchen look more clean and organized. Refinishing your sinks is our specialty. We will make sure your sink looks new and doesn’t have a spend of dirt or stain when we are finished refinishing it. When you want to refinish your old sinks, give us a call.

Tile Refinishing

Tiles get dirty faster than any other part of your bathroom and kitchen. If you have white or light-colored tiles, they easily become stained and lose their shine. It is best if you clean and refinish your tile floors and walls for your bathrooms and kitchen. No matter the kind of tile you have, the design, the color, and the texture, we will clean and refinish your tile surface to make it look brand new.

Fiberglass Repair

We repair fiberglass for houses and commercial properties. Fiberglass material in your bathroom or any other part of your house may get damaged from various things. When you need repair that is quick and effective, increases the longevity of your fiberglass, you can contact Mr. Tubby Refinishing. We have repaired all kinds of fiberglass surfaces and now make fiberglass lasts a long time. Let us know if you need fiberglass repair today.

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