Frequently Asked Questions

What Are All The Surfaces That Can Be Refinished?

Porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, tile surfaces are commonly refinished. The most commonly we refinish bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, tiles, countertops, etc.

Which Is Better: Polyurethane Coatings Or Epoxies?

Both are great refinishing materials. We use both to refinish various surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen depending on what is the best. Epoxies do tend to yellow with time especially for lighter colors such as white.

Can I Use Bleach To Clean The Porcelain Surface?

No. Using bleach is not good for using porcelain surfaces. Without professional help you will end up making the color look patchy. It will be white in certain places while yellow in others. It is best to get refinishing done to even color.

How Much Time Is Needed For The Whole Bathtub Liner Installation?

A consultation will be scheduled within 7-10 days from your call to take pictures and measurements. 4-5 weeks later, your custom-made tub and wall system will be finished.

Will You Provide Warranty With Your Services?

Most of our franchisees have refinishing guarantees and some maintenance. However, since they are owned and operated autonomously, they vary from franchise to franchise. Contact your nearest franchisee for more details.

Will My Refinish Surface Chip Easily?

No, it won’t. It is just as likely to chip as any other porcelain surface. If you use heavy impact with sharp objects, it will probably chip but otherwise normal usage shouldn’t affect your porcelain or ceramic surface.

Why Should I Install Bathtub Liners?

Acrylic bathtub liners can hide the imperfections. Acrylic liners as the name suggests is a liner that goes above your existing bathtub. It provides a more durable and easily maintainable surface for the users. You will increase the longevity of your bathtub with Acrylic liners more efficiently. Not to mention, they will increase the beauty of your bathtub and provide a better-looking bathroom for usage.

How Will You Refinish Our Bathtub?

We will first clean your bathtub with a cleaning solution. It is then cleaned with a heavy cleaning agent then scrub the surface of the refinishing paint to stick well. We will paint the bathtub with the refinishing paint and apply a top coat to seal everything in.

How Long Does Refinishing Last?

Refinished surfaces can last up to 15 years if taken care of well. Our team will teach you ways to clean your refinished surfaces in a professional way so it lasts a long time and doesn’t need further refoshing for years to come.

Will My Bathtub Look New?

Yes. All the refinished surfaces whether it’s a bathtub or a hot tub will look new after refinishing. You will see a complete change in the looks and feels of the fixture after you get professional refinishing done.

How Long Does It Take For The Refinished Surface To Be Cured?

You shouldn’t use the refinished surface of at least 30 hours. If you step on refinished surface or bathtub before time, you will mark it and stain it. It is not replaceable and will remain on the surface afterwards.

What Is a Bathtub Liner?

It is a modern ¼ inch thick acrylic bathtub custom-molded to fit directly over your current tub. Through pictures and measurements taken by our qualified technicians, your tub liner is made by thermo-forming the acrylic sheet directly over an existing mould of your bathtub model, ensuring a perfect fit to your tub.

Will I Get Free Estimate ?

Yes. We provide a free estimate for all the services. You can call us to fix an appointment for site boost. Our experts will take measurements and tell the estimated cost of equipment, labour and material. You can go over the contract and sign it only if you are comfortable with it.

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