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Mr Tubby Refinishing is a refinishing expert in Naperville. We transform the look of various surfaces in your house and business by refinishing it with various kinds of refinishing coasts.

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We save you money by not having to completely replace tiles, countertops, sinks, or fiberglass material in your house. Replacing can be quite expensive, laborious, and time-consuming, Our same day service will make your bathroom and kitchen look brand new and renovated without having to go with a lot of mess. We have the equipment and experience to resurface all kinds of surfaces in your Naperville home. Let us know if you need affordable refinishing services today.

Bathtub Refinishing

Your old bathtub may decrease the beauty of your bathroom and make it look ugly. Bathtubs are a very essential part of aesthetic appeal. You ever go to a hotel and the bathtub is dirty, yellow, chipped from places, moldy, you would give the room a three-star no matter how good the room is. Having a clean and new looking bathtub is important, especially if you like enjoying your time in the bathtub. Our team will refinish your bathtub with proper refinishing techniques. We will clean and coat the top with a refinishing coat that gives it a new and shiny look.

Countertop Refinishing

If you want to change how your countertop looks, we are here for you. Replacing the countertop can be experienced, messy, and time-consuming. Refinishing will give you the same results in half the price without the added headache. We use various methods of refinishing such as painting, laminating, epoxy finishes to give your countertop a new surface. You can choose from the various options we have and get the countertop you want for the kitchen or bathroom. Our team is highly effective in transforming how your countertop looks, so you fall in love with it.

Shower Refinishing

The shower tends to get dirty with time. The water, soap, and stains take home in the shower walls and the floor. If you want to transform how your shower looks and make it look new and luxurious, you must invest in professionals refinishing. It isn’t as expensive as you might think. Our easy and affordable refinishing will make sure your shower is completely transformed to look new and shiny. We will clean the walls, the floor, paint and polish the surfaces, clean the showerheads, and change the overall look of your shower.

Sink Refinishing

If your sink is old, chipped, and peeling, it definitely lowers the aesthetic value of your kitchen and bathroom. Not to mention it is unsightly and will cause you to issue if you keep using it. Such a sink takes up more stains and becomes vulnerable to further damage. Refinishing your sinks will increase its longevity and make it look brand new. No need to throw away the sink, we use a porcelain coating that transforms your existing sink to look new and flawless.

Tile Refinishing

If your Naperville home needs a quality refinishing for your tile floor or walls, we are here for you. Our team will bring the necessary equipment and trained professionals who will refinish your tiled surfaces. No matter how old your tile surfaces are, we will completely transform them to look new. We use refinishing paint, and coating material to give it that new and seamless finish. It’s much more reasonable than replacing the whole tile surface with new ones.

Fiberglass Repair

Various fiberglass surfaces whether it is the floor, shower wall, sinks, bathtubs, etc, tend to wear off or get chipped. Repairing them is the work of professionals. If you want someone professional to do it right, give us a call. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to take care of fiberglass surfaces.

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