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If your bathroom or kitchen of your Schaumburg house or business starts to look old and starts showing signs of aging, you might need one of the following services: refinishing bathtub, resurfacing tiles, or resurfacing countertop.

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Mr Tubby Refinishing is the local specialist in Schaumburg refinishing bathtub, refinishing tiles, and countertop refinishing, and we are able to makeover one of the two main spaces in the building. No matter what kind of surface you need refinishing for, we give it to you at an affordable price.

Bathtub Refinishing

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to fix stuff if you have a luxury bath, beautifully designed sinks, and generally a nice built bathroom. The finishing process is much more economical, quicker, and faster. It makes the same change for your bathroom as removing the inside items. Let us know if your shower room, bathtub, or other areas of your house have been dirty. We can finish it with different methods, including washing, buffing, polishing, painting, and so on. Mr Tubby Refinishing will make sure to transform your Schaumburg bathtub to something new and luxurious.

Countertop Refinishing

Does your Schaumburg house or business need countertop transformation, refinishing, or resurfacing? Your countertops play both a significant role in the aesthetic and financial value of your home. If you want to see something stunning, make your kitchen and bathroom look great and invest in refinishing your countertops. Refinishing is a cheaper and simpler choice, as opposed to replacing. You save time, money, and get lovely looking countertops for your home. We will ensure that we come to your house with all the requisite equipment to finish the countertops just as you want. We’re going to strip all the stains, discolors, piles and make the countertop look brand new.

Shower Refinishing

Finishing your Schaumburg shower will give you the same feeling as making your shower look fresh and clean. When you invest in quality refinishing work, your shower will look cleaner and more organized. Mr Tubby Refinishing refinishes the bathroom using genuine products. Our employees are qualified professionals who will work devotedly to your shower.

Sink Refinishing

Many times sink crack, chip away, get a yellow tinge, grow moss, mold, the sinkhole looks dirty and your sink does little to improve your house’s beauty overall. We’ll supply your sinks with the solution they need to make it look brand new. Mr Tubby Refinishing has provided professional service for your kitchen and bathroom. We resurface nearly all kinds of kitchen and bathroom sink or your Schaumburg home. The sink is one of the things we certainly refinish to turn them into their original new look.

Tile Refinishing

Mr Tubby Refinishing cleans the surface of the tile with suitable cleaning agents. We use a cleaning method that is non-toxic, but effective. By washing, the surface stains, mold, and other unpleasant items on the top layer of the tile are removed. The next move is to scrub. Thin grit sandpaper is applied to minimize any surface roughness or unevenness. Small chips, holes, and inconsistencies are sanded off on the tile surface with microgrid sandpaper. In the end, we will resurface the material with an appropriate coating. With proper resurfacing, your tiles will look brand new. You save thousands of dollars in completely removing and repairing tiles. In refinishing you’ll save time and money.

Fiberglass Repair

We repair your fiberglass material in your house or business place. We have all the necessary equipment, knowledge, and skilled professionals to repair any damages on the fiberglass. When you need a flawless and smooth looking fiberglass surface, you can trust us.

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